10 Mexican Food Influencers

In this list you will find 10 influencers in the Mexican food industry that contribute to posting about certain recipes or even restaurants. These people understand the meaning of authentic Mexican food because their backgrounds mostly follow the same path that my background took.

1. Enrique Olvera 

Enrique Olvera is a Mexican chef who was born in Mexico City and he is the owner and head chef of “Pujol,” a restaurant in Mexico City. He is someone who has been a chef his whole life and has made quality authentic Mexican food. 

2. Mexico in My Kitchen

Mexico in My Kitchen is a blog that is written by Mely Martinez, who is originally from Taumalipas. She now lives in the U.S., but she goes back to her roots on her blog by posting homemade recipes. 

3. Chicano Eats

Need photos that will make you hungry and want to create the food on your device? Well, Chicano Eats has that, and Esteban runs the website by posting each recipe he has made with a backstory to it. This is a true culture-driven blog that shows everyone Mexican food tradition. 

4. Pati Jinich

Pati Jinich is a Mexican T.V. host and also an author of a cookbook with many recipes that she has made herself since being born and raised in Mexico. She has lived there for many years and has a huge love for authentic Mexican cuisine.

5. The Mija Chronicles

The Mija Chronicles is a blog that was created by Leslie Tellez. She made it back when she moved to Mexico City for 4 years and wrote about all her culinary findings throughout the city. 

6. Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless is a popular Mexican cuisine T.V. host. Although he is born in the U.S., he has written multiple cookbooks and is recognized by the Mexican government as a promoter of their cuisine.

7. La Cocina de Leslie

This blog is written by Leslie Limon, a Southern California resident who has grown up around the Mexican food culture her whole life. She made the move to Guadalajara from the U.S. and has created her blog to record her ventures about life and food in Mexico.

8. RollyBrook

RollyBrook is a blog written through the perspective of a small town living Mexican named, Rolly Brook. He writes and photographs his cooking that either he or his parents make.  

9. Mexican Please

This blog is recorded by Partick Calhoun. He writes about all his experiences from when he used to live in Cozumel. 

10. Mexican Food Journal

Mexican Food Journal is a blog that writes about teaching and cooking authentic Mexican dishes. The author, Douglas Cullen, has lives 20+ years in Mexico and is sharing his knowledge for the cuisine on this blog.

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