Special Blog Selection: Sunday Funday Dinners

Not every meal is going to be Mexican food and not every meal is going to be made from a fast food or sit-down restaurant. There are so many other cuisines and cultures to learn about in this world. Not every cuisine is going to ‘wow’ you with flavor, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. The most important part is being able to understand another cuisines culture and especially another person’s culture who has been having this food for a living. So, here is a page that I recommend you all to check out and maybe even make a meal or two from it if you desire. 

‘Sunday Funday Dinners’ created by New Jersey’s own: Devin Hilburn. Devin is from Roselle Park, New Jersey, and he comes from Italian and Dominican descent. On his page you’ll find varying recipes from Italian cuisine to healthy-American cuisine. His page also has posts that talk about great chefs to follow that will give you an idea of what other recipes you can create for your dinnertime selection.

With not having a lot of things to do during this quarantine, this page really is a blessing because it has so many different ideas and followings that you can read about and implement into your daily life. The posts that are listed on the website are inspiring for myself because it gives me a new insight on what cuisine I can cook for the night. Lastly, I enjoy the time that Devin has put into his blog to make sure that his audience can have a large selection of different ideas to implement into their lives so that they can make a difference at their dinnertime. 

Sunday Funday Dinners Website: sundayfundaydinners.bestonlineblogs.com


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